Cedarlane upholds highest sustainability standards certified by:

United States Department of Agriculture
Safe Quality Food Institute
Quality Assurance International

Why ESG Matters

Since our founding over 40 years ago, CedarLane has worked hard to do the right thing. CedarLane is building a strong foundation and sharpening focus on our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) program. We are building an ESG program that plays a real part in helping achieve our purpose of enhancing the quality of life for future generations. Our strategy is simple: We focus efforts on ESG topics that are most relevant to our business. ESG considerations are woven into the day-to-day decisions we make. We continuously work to improve our practices and execute strategy.

Water Conservation

The sustainability of our business is inextricably tied to the sustainability of the planet. CedarLane is committed to on-going training for team members to minimize water usage. Incorporating sanitation dry pick-up, elimination of water (external use) for washing parking lots, and minimizing watering ground cover. All on-site restrooms are equipped with water saving motion detection faucets.


CedarLane is committed to sourcing recyclable material, were applicable. We remain focused on continual improvement by eliminating excess packaging, collaboration with external suppliers on sourcing sustainable materials, and the avoidance of harmful substances in packaging.

Energy Conservation

We have implemented energy saving production; updating production to during off-peak hours, and complete shutdown of spiral and HPP machinery.

Equality & Inclusion

CedarLane is committed to cultivating a workforce that is diverse, equal, and inclusionary of the community that we call home. We foster a workplace where all employees are treated fairly with dignity and respect. We provide a workplace where team members are empowered to be their personal best.

Looking to 2022 & Beyond

CedarLane continues to identify opportunities to strengthen our ESG performance. We will set goals and key performance metrics related to top priority ESG topics.