Recipe Development

At Cedarlane Foods, our passion for creating delicious and wholesome meals is rooted in our rich heritage and commitment to quality. Founded by Robert Atallah in 1981, our journey began with beloved family recipes for hummus, tabouli, and other Mediterranean-inspired delights. Nearly 40 years later, our dedication to crafting healthy and organic products has only deepened. Each day at our Southern California headquarters, our team of culinary experts is driven by a shared mission to develop new, mouthwatering recipes that bring joy and convenience to your table.

Our recipe development process combines traditional culinary artistry with modern innovation. We carefully select the finest ingredients, prioritizing organic and sustainably sourced options, to ensure every dish meets our high standards for taste and nutrition. Whether you're enjoying a quick breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a satisfying dinner, Cedarlane Foods offers a range of simple-to-prepare meals that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. With every bite, we strive to deliver the flavors and quality you deserve, making mealtime not just easier, but truly enjoyable.