Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are any of your products gluten-free?
A: CedarLane offers a variety of gluten-free products:

  • Frozen

  • – 3 Layer Chicken Enchilada
  • – Chicken Fajita
  • – Chicken Souvlaki
  • – Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette
  • – Uncured Turkey Bacon, Vegetable and Cheese Egg White Omelette
  • – Chicken Tamales
  • – Beef Tamales
  • – Green Chile, Cheese & Ranchero Sauce Egg White Omelette
  • – Roasted Chile And Cheese Egg White Frittata
  • – Spinach And Roasted Tomato Egg White Frittata
  • – Three Layer Enchilada Pie
  • – Roasted Chile Relleno
  • – Eggplant Parmesan
  • – Chile & Cheese Tamales
  • – Spinach & Feta Cheese Tamales
  • – Sweet Corn Tamales
  • – Roasted Vegetable Tamales
  • Refrigerated

  • – Red Beets, Red Onion & Fennel with Vinaigrette Dressing
  • – Four Beans & Swiss Chard with Vinaigrette Dressing
  • – Edamame, Black Beans & Kale with Spicy Citrus Dressing
  • – Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Kale Superfood Salad
  • – Golden Beet, Kale & Swiss Chard Superfood Salad
  • – Black Bean & Chickpea Superfood Salad
  • – Chicken & Cheese Tamale
  • – Beef & Sweet Potato Tamale

Q: Are the cheeses in your products pasteurized?
A: Yes, all of our cheese is pasteurized and is safe for consumption.

Q: What does “herbs and spices” in an ingredient list mean?
A: Due to our specialized recipes, we do not specifically state what herbs and spices we use. If you have an allergy issue, please call us and we will let you know if that particular ingredient is contained in the product.

Q: Do any of your products contain peanuts or tree nuts? Is there any chance of cross-contamination?
A: None of our frozen entrees contain peanuts or peanut derivatives. Our Baked Stacked Eggplant contains pine nuts in the pesto, which is a tree nut and a known allergen. Our manufacturing line is dedicated to this particular product and there is no potential for cross-contamination.

Q: Can I purchase your products directly from you?
A: Unfortunately online purchasing is not available yet.

Q: Are any of your products Kosher?
A: No, we do not have any products at this time that are Kosher.