Welcome to Cedarlane Foods


Welcome to Cedarlane Foods. My name is Robert Atallah, and I founded CedarLane with little more than my beloved grandmother’s recipes for hummus, tabouli and other Mediterranean-inspired delights.

Now over 30 years later, our dedicated and passionate team has grown while remaining mindful that you, our loyal customer, deserve the most delicious, satisfying and wholesome products we can provide. With this mission top-of-mind, I cannot wait to arrive each day to our headquarters in Carson, California, to develop new recipes for you to enjoy.

I invite you to contact us with your thoughts and feedback—we would love to hear from you about your experience with CedarLane.

For those of you who have been our friends for many years, thank you! For those who are just getting to know us, welcome! And on behalf of the entire CedarLane and Atallah family, I wish you all many years of health and happiness.